Tuesday 27 November 2007

Middle Age

Mortality is real stoker of the mind. I was spinning in emotions when Marc died, see previous post, and I'm at it again as I face another funeral this week.

A lot of people say things like "she was nice" - "she was a good person" - so it is hard to convey, and sound truthful, when I say Jen was nice and good and she was literally the funniest person I knew. She was a polished comedian that could fire off a rehearsed joke or rip you with a one liner. Simply awesome, and a true and terrible loss.

Time is linear from the perspective that we sit in; be mindful of that. I work in a field where my clients stay young, as I get old. It doesn't help that my hair is falling out, going grey and migrating to my ears. So, I'm reminded daily of these aspects of life. Aging is a bitch...no?...is mortality? Aging is rough, but hey it beats the alternative.

So thanks for Jen, a person of great value: a nice person, a good person and great comedian. You will be missed as I pass your empty classroom.

And remember: you never know when you are middle aged.