Tuesday 19 February 2013


John was my grandfather, well at least for the last 25 years or so.  My grandmother married John when they were in their fifties; both of them had lost their spouses earlier on in life.  My grandmother was actually a widow since my mother was 13, so gaining a grandfather for the first time in my teens was a real joy.

John was cool.  He let me drive his snowmobile, he let me snag a beer from his sacred garage fridge, and he taught me the art of finding a TV with Hockey Night in Canada, (or in a pinch: another sport) at many family events.  Once when we were hanging out when I was 15, and he told me to hop in his truck and drive him into Perth.  I'd never driven before, so he taught me the basics and we hit the road.  I was pretty stressed, but it was pretty fun and exciting too.  I was a miserable driver, but I always remember what he said when we got back to my grandparent's house: "You sure got better at centering the truck on the way back.  You'll be a fine driver".  That simple compliment resonated, and sure helped me be confident when I went for my licence a few months later.

He died with far too little warning, but I'll sure miss him.

Monday 11 February 2013

A Prayer for Rose

My phone rang on Sunday; it was Bruce Fish.  I think that is the 2nd time that he has called in three years, so I was pretty surprised.  He beat around the bush for a bit chatting about wrestling, his truck, and his dog.  Abruptly, he said: "Rose wants you to pray for her".  I said, "certainly".  He launched into his explanation.  Then said that he had to call French, and hung up.

Turns out Rose thought she was pregnant.  Her and Bruce Fish have one child, so far, but she really wants one more.  She envisions a little playmate for her baby.  Rose is approaching 40, (Bruce is older still) and she feels that time is running out.  Rose was so convinced that she was expecting that she had named the baby, and she was "talking" to it in her womb. Sadly, she was just uncharacteristically late.  Bruce almost hung up when he got to this part of his story.

Children are such a blessing, may Rose, and Bruce Fish, be blessed.