Thursday 30 July 2015


French and I went to see his grandfather this week.  I haven't seen him for at least a decade or so, but he looks pretty much the same.  I guessed that he was 80, but he is actually in his nineties.

I introduced myself, but he said: "Ah hell I know who yah are."  He told me to call him Smitty.  He'd slept in, so he was running a bit late.  Smitty told us: "To shoot a bit a shit.  While I do my exercises." French told him a couple of funny stories from out on the road.  Smitty chuckled along and completed the same routine that he'd done for over 60 years:

1.  Stretches and Lunges...just a few.  Limber up.
2.  50 push ups
3.  25 sit ups
4.  100 squats
5.  10-15 minute headstand

I asked him if this regiment was the key to his longevity?  Smitty laughed and said: "Ask me again in a few years."

He went over to his kitchen sink.  It was full of ice cubes.   Smitty reached down to the bottom and pulled out three beers, and said: "Ok I'm all warmed up time to get the day started."