Saturday 29 August 2009

Old Ollie's Summer

As summer winds down (did it ever wind up?) I ponder over past summers and the advent of the new year (January is the false new year). What characterizes this summer the most is just keeping busy; not the I don't really want to talk about it conversation smasher: "I'm busy". This summer I worked at Camp IAWAH - a true blessing - it was a very good week and a return to a place that I have spent many many days. It was excellent to introduce it to my boys and to be there again with Rebekah. God Bless IAWAH!
I also travelled: heading out onto new highways in Good ol' USA was excellent - Saw more of NY, Good taste on Penn State, Some Maryland and plenty of DC. I love to travel around Canada, but getting a good bit of the US this summer was really cool. DC is such an iconic place. Head on down there friends.
I also worked at a day camp at my church. That was actually really challenging, but good. 9:30 to 12:00 seemed really long some days.
So I kept busy - maybe that was a good thing. I'm ready to slip back to Hilly; I guess I haven't gotten too relaxed and couch bound this summer. When I was unbusy I worked out - so maybe I'm getting wiser. This year should be a smoother transition. Right?

Monday 17 August 2009

Obama's Cracked out Neighbours

When the crackheads role into your neighbourhood and start puking, passing out and sleeping on your curb with soggy piss pants - you move. You pack up your sh*t and find a new place to call home.

I visited president Obama's house last week. It is big and white. He has tonnes of security and big fences. On the sidewalk one block away lives a homeless crackhead. I walked by and he was unconscious, yet his hand was still raised hoping for some charity. Coins rattled out of his motionless hand being offered by the tourists wandering around trying to get a glimpse of Obama; whom they hoped would be peaking out of one of his many upstairs windows. Tricky President.

I guess Obama can't least for four years. But what do you do about these folks lying in the gutter in front of your "palace"? Maybe nothing. Here in Ottawa we have our share of homeless people, but our leader shuffles off to Rockcliffe Park to get away from the riff raff.

Shipping them away is deemed too Conservative - help them: too Liberal. Obama has to run the USA and ponder the problem of crackheads invading his new home. Being at the top in the US can be rough indeed.

I talked to one nice old homless lady. She told me to keep my kids safe, she blessed them and me...I just returned the blessing. God bless her and all of Obama's neighbours.