Thursday 28 May 2015

the bacon sizzled

I got French a job for the week subbing in for me; as I'm down with bronchitis.  He was happy to have a steady day job for a solid week.  When French can't get work teaching he'll head out on the road doing some long haul trucking.  He especially likes to do this in the winter, as most of the trips take him deep south..."outta the cold".

He had a bit of an adventure last week.  French missed a turn off for a truck stop, and kept driving looking for another one instead of doubling back.  He was two hours over on the logbook so he pulled off on the road in an old parking lot of a burned out motel.  French locked up and wandered into the woods, and made a little campfire.  He always brings along his little travel guitar (a Taylor Baby).  French sat around the fire and played and sang a few songs.

There was a steady breeze so the sound of his music travelled pretty far.  He said some old fella showed up after an hour or so.  He'd heard the music and had seen the light of the campfire from his porch.  He didn't come empty handed.  This old guy had brought a cast iron frying pan, a pound of bacon, and some bread.  He asked French if he could listen to some tunes in return for breakfast.  French said: "that'd be a damn fine trade".

So the bacon sizzled and French kept playing.

After he told me the story I said "pretty good night eh?"

French replied: "yah pretty good, but the plumbing sucked."