Friday 13 July 2012

On Prayers and Hot Rods

I have a long history of having a very ambivalent relationship with the Church.  I certainly have not been a faithful person, or a faithful Christian.  In fact, I have spent most of my life embittered against God.   This summer I've had a few more of those ancient glacial ice chips knocked from my shoulders. I've seen prayers answered.  

I've spoken with people who have asked God for very specific help.  One guy even quit his job and asked God to send him a partner who was interested and willing to start up a Christian Ministry.  The idea was to acquire a garage and teach youth how to make hot rods.  I was there when his prayers were answered.  There were four of us talking about this concept.  One of them agreed to stay and be a partner on this project even though he was just visiting from Australia.  This Australian guy has over ten years of experience working in youth ministry, and he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast with all the required skills. 

The third guy offered them access two different garages.  He'd bought a property in a nearby town that came with a shop.  It was even complete with a beam for an engine hoist and a selection of tools and welding equipment.  He also had a lead on another vacant garage in another town.

These two guys could have this idea up and running in the fall.

Coincidence right?   A blessing right?

So it all comes down to faith: faith in Jesus, or faith in chance.  Which one takes more faith?