Wednesday 31 March 2021

Well Rooted

One day during the January lockdown Rose was doing a little craft time with the kids.  She handed out some black construction paper, some white water colour paint and some straws.  The kids used the straws to blow the paint around the paper.  They were having the best time.

Soon the adults were doing it as well.  Bruce Fish blew some ones that looked like spindly birch trees.  French used a lot more paint and ended up making one that looked like skull shaped tree.  Rose was not impressed, but he "liked his scary ass skull painting".  He kept it up on his fridge for a while.

We decided to create digital version, and French printed up a Black Hoodie with his art on it.  I called it Well Rooted to be poetic...maybe I should have stuck with scary ass skull.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Guard Your Heart

I've been hanging out all year with my little bubble.  This has certainly helped me get to know Rose a lot better.  I drop in and see her and Bruce Fish at least once a week.  They've done well, all things considered, with this damn pandemic.  Bruce spent the winter plowing snow for the county, and they open the dump on weekends, and every second Wednesday for recycling.  

Rose likes to run a little Bible Study on Sundays.  Bruce gets a nice campfire burning, and Rose reads the Bible, and asks us a few questions.  We read all of Luke, and Romans this winter.  French and I usually bring out the guitars for a "bit a worship"...if it isn't to cold!

She heads inside around noon to feed her kids, and French pulls out a few cold beers.  Rose disapproves, but ignores us for the most part.  When she leaves she always says "Guard your Heart" and taps her chest.  It is her version of "stay safe".  We decided to make her a shirt with her little expression on it.  Bruce told us that this phrase is from Proverbs 4:23, so we added that to the design.  Rose never wears sleeves in the summer so we got her an xs tank top, and a crewneck for cool nights by the fire. Bruce was so pleased to give it to her.  He said: "Here yah go.  Yer a good woman, and we love you".