Wednesday 27 March 2013

Rose's Fight

Rose Fish got into a fight.  Shocking right?  Well "fight" might not be the right word, but she was involved in a heated disagreement; in a rural church parking lot, no less.  A friend wanted Rose to put a marriage equality sticker on the bumper of her mini-van.  Something like this:

Rose refused.

The friend responded that, "she didn't think she needed to talk about marriage equality with her friends, she had just assumed that she was preaching to the choir."  She then called Rose "intolerant".

Rose responded to this accusations as best she could.  She told the angry, yet tolerant, lady that Jesus did not call us to be tolerant, but to love, and that her friend needed to learn the difference.  Rose also told her adversary that the sticker was an idol, and she would have no part with it.

At that point the argument got really heated, and much more emotional.  Bruce Fish managed to bundle up his wife and kids, and drive home.

French told me all of this on the phone last night.   I'll be seeing Rose this weekend.  Her and Bruce Fish usually come back to town to visit his mother.  So I'm trying to gather some wise counsel on this issue.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Worship Team

My church worship leader said that she was "stuck"; as she had no guitarists for the service.  She asked me if I could help out.  I agreed, but she wanted to know if I knew anyone else.  I said, "that I knew a guy, but he likely wouldn't play."  I was wrong. French said yes. Well his exact answer was: "sure whatever".

So French and I led the music team.  French and I did some brief prep and then we just jumped into it.  I've heard him play plenty of Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin, but never Chris Tomlin and Hillsong United.  He did great.  He said his goal was to hit 80% of the notes and chords (he did better than that).  I even heard him belt out the lyrics; especially in the choruses.

French is a really organic and kinetic player.  So his foot was tapping, head bobbing, and body swaying.  He plays like this even when he is alone. This is how he keeps time, and he just tends to really get into music.  French asked me if he looked too weird bopping around.  I told him it was "all good".

After the service a lady came up to him, smiled and said that "he rocked it today".

I think the Redeemer Worship Team may have a new member, or two.