Friday 7 June 2019


Bruce Fish rolled up in his truck.  Jumped out of his cab and said: "you boys got any regrets?"

French and I were trying to get the water going at the cottage.  He grabbed a cold Old Style Pilsner from the cooler and said: "yah just one.  You lads better grab a cold one."  He tipped his hat back, smiled and told this little tale:

Remember when we were at the fair when we were just lads?  That old guy came up and said: "you all look like you need an adventure.  Well head out past that big broken tree at the end of the park.  Behind it there is a gap in the fence.  Head out straight as an arrow about 50 yards or so. There is a case a beer buried under some long grass.  It is yours if yah want it."  That old fella just wandered away, and we hit the midway.

Well shit.  "Why'd we never go looking for it?  That is my regret."

Bruce laughed and said: "fuck that'd be some skunky beer if its still there."