Wednesday 11 December 2013

Offended by Jesus

I teach World Religion.  I"ve taught high school students about how one becomes, and the nature of being, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Sikh, and a Jew.  Next up was Christianity.  I put in the time and really prepped some good materials to explain the Gospel Message, and how believing it, and forming a relationship with Jesus is what makes a person a Christian.

The class become very heated.  Quite a few students, who usually don't say much, had a lot of criticisms of the theology I was teaching.  I was ready for the lesson, but less than ready to defend this unexpected emotional reaction.

I was naive.  They class took in, and accepted with out question, such concepts as: non-linear time, enlightenment, and reincarnation.  However, when it came to the Gospel the class erupted.  I calmed the class down, and pushed on through.  I told them the course didn't demand that they accept the Gospel, just that they know what defines a Christian.

I spoke with French afterwards and he saw that I was a bit rattled.  He said: "Brother the Gospel is offensive.  We murdered God over it".