Thursday 22 January 2009

Chris 2.0

I've been through a really wild swing of faith over the years. This comes from growing up United, attending an evangelical camp for many years (15 years/Camp IAWAH), getting a degree in religion (mainly psychology of religion, Jung, Freud, and world religion), I even practised Buddhism because I became convinced that it was more practical than Christianity, I was married and attended Anglican church for the last twenty years and now I am a baptised member of the very evangelical Christian Missionary Alliance Church.

I tend to get really addicted, but oddly for a limited amount of time. My addictions go from really intense to a foggy memory over time.

I have been OCD/addicted to: Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Zen Buddhism, Smokes, booze, Gnostic Christianity, Mars Hill Sermons, Jack Kerouac, poetry, drawing, playing guitar, basketball (playing and viewing), the Ottawa Senators, Jim Morrison, Hockey Pools, Jimi Hendrix, Carl Jung, Ryan Adams, ebay, Facebook...when I'm in the midst of these addictions, they are pretty all encompassing. I, for a time, become a Jungian, or a Gnostic, or a Beat Poet. Luckily these passions fade and only take over my psyche for a time. I sometimes wonder when, or what the next fire brand of a concept will burn into my brain, and set me going. I also always hope that my next obsession will be a worthy and useful undertaking.

Right now I'm a Christian Apologist. Is this just another addiction, or is this the real thing?

I seem to be annoying some people with my Christian coloured responses, so they'll hope this passes, and I go back to being the guy that always knows the +/- of every forward in the NHL.

I'll let you know.

Monday 19 January 2009

Church (planting) Attending - 1

This old camp buddy called me up in the spring last year; he was planting a church and starting a revolution: to paraphrase him in all his zeal. This lad, JD,  is working hard raising a family and planning on taking on a massive undertaking: building a Christian Community.

At the time I was barely going to church. If I went, I was going in the most reluctant way. I'd fuss and screw around like a crazy teen, just like I used to with my buddy French - back in my youth.  Most of the time I'd sit and draw cartoons about what I heard. This would, maybe, be "charming" if I were 15 - I was 35.

When I was in church it felt like some sort of museum, or a social club for the over 50 set. It was a stagnant place, at least for me and my family.

I pondered what JD was doing and started to think about my stupid sinful attitude. I took on the task of making a step to rectify this situation. I looked for a new church online (modern man).  If some of my Christian friends of mine are planting churches I thought that I should at least be going to one. My wife agreed that we needed to move on as Christians and a build a better home/family life grounded in faith. The theme song of hell is "I did it my way"...we needed to be part of a Christian Community.

I chose Redeemer Alliance Church.

On the downside I 've done way less cartooning.

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Tuesday 13 January 2009

Falling Down

This is a old one, but it fits Emily's theme...let me know your thoughts...send me insights...please...I need em.

We all fall down: Crashing into the snowbanks; both the literal and the metaphorical.

While cruising down the icy sheets of Ottawa this is especially true. Can some sort of lesson be gleaned from a head long?

Recently, a lady of "advanced age" fell, and fell hard: pants torn open and bloodied knee. We all slip and fall, but the next step is getting up; she didn't. She just stayed down. The thought that the situation was too ridiculous crossed her mind. So she just lay there pondering the moment. It just made more sense to lie amidst the drifting snow than enter the struggle to climb back to her feet.

My first response was: "what a nutter". (not the most charitable thought)

Later: I can see that falling and not having the energy, motivation or incentive to get up might some day come to us all. When we were youngling we would bounce up and fall ten times and more in the biggest snowbank we could find.

Getting old is ridiculous.

Also, she has just made the move past embarrassment. I'll know I've made that breakthrough when I just stay down.

I hope no one saw me fall in the parking lot after hockey on Friday.