Wednesday 19 December 2012

Talking Evil

French and I are both teachers, so we've been knocking around some ideas, and rehashing events that we've gone through in lockdowns, and just generally discussing the Newton tragedy.

We've each been through a rash of lockdowns: both real and practice.  Sometimes the practice ones were worse than the real ones.  Practicing hiding and being quiet with a group of teens for over an hour is rough. One class that I taught had some gangsters in it.  They were actually  relishing the thought of someone attacking our room.  They spent one lockdown dreaming up murderous plots for any intruder.

A group of us talked about gun control, the need for better access to mental health, and new security procedures.  Everyone seemed to have an answer.  All of them we've been hearing for years, but two stood out as different: French and Rose Fish, as usual, had a different angle.

Firstly, French said that in his experience he had to protect the kids from other kids; more so than intruders.  French and I have stepped in to stop multiple stabbings, and other attacks with weapons.  The potentially most lethal was during a huge school wide brawl we pried a long metal pole with a hook (used to move basketball nets in and out from the wall) from one guy's hand.  This student was trying to plunge the hook into another student's skull.  Oddly, every time we broke up a fight, or attack,our reputation would grow as always being around trouble.  There is almost negative pressure from my peers to step in too often.  Currently, we are not even allowed to break up a fight physically.  Our job is to observe the fight and then write up a report that is adjective, and bias free and submit it to a bureaucrat.

Secondly, Rose listened to us all to finish up our tale telling, and then she said: "No policy reform or bureaucratic procedure is going to stop evil.  You'll all have to wait for Jesus to come set this all straight."

Wednesday 5 December 2012

On Snow Tires and Prayers

The current labour issues in teaching are actually good for French.  He's been hired to take on a variety of duties for the next two weeks.  He's really happy to have a steady job heading into Christmas.  French will truly earn this money; supply teaching is no easy gig.

French has been staying with Bruce Fish for the last little while. They've been busy changing tires; just taking advantage of the big rush for us Canadians to put on our, all too necessary, snow tires.  Bruce Fish has a place with a nice shop, so they've been busy.  The rush is over, so these teaching job works out great.

He said it was fun hanging out with Bruce Fish and Rose Fish as well, but he had been a bit uncomfortable at times.  Everyday Rose Fish gets out a stack of Bibles at morning coffee.  She makes the lads read a passage, then she asks for prayer requests.  Then Rose right jumps right into it; just prays and talks to God.

French always tries to weasel out of it, but Rose Fish knows his ways.  She somehow always gets French to take part.  He always fusses and fidgets during these moments.  As soon as Rose Fish said amen, he'd hand the Bible back, take a last swig of coffee, and bolt back to the shop.

I asked him why he felt that way.  He said: "I don't know really know.  It is just that things happen when she prays."