Tuesday 12 May 2009

Mr. Deeds - A true story.

Yesterday a mother and father were approaching some bleachers on the rugby pitch. Their son was knocking the all living out of some poor sacks from some unlucky school. A fellow parent saw them and said: "come sit next to me; I saved you a seat". The first parent with the rugged son said "as usual". The bleacher dad then dashed off this gem: " she (the other dad's wife) can sit on my face". WOW! That play was way offside.

Mr. Deeds would have asked him to refrain - if he wouldn't Mr. Deeds would punch him in the face. Maybe the husband should have...at least done something. He just chuckled as his wife blushed. Weird.

Over on another set of bleachers a grade nine lad was cussing worse than Ricky and Bubbles. In front of some nice young ladies. Mr. Deeds...

I thought that maybe we should go back to not cussing in front of or about women. Fair?

Today my opinion had to shift. Virtually every f-bomb that I heard lobbed about the hallowed halls where I work were bursting out of girls' mouths. Even Mr. Deeds in his supreme wisdom would be a loss.

Crazy society. I thinks Jesus is, more or less, in accord with Mr. Deeds. But society is not. Where do we go from here? Thoughts?