Thursday 26 March 2009

Kicking Down the Old Dirty Trail...a Ramble

Sometimes I just dive into a faith...sometimes I find myself diving out. Lately I've been playing Metal Gear Solid. I get addicted like mad when I'm in these phases.

I wonder should I pull out and do something good and real and pure.

Should I just play my old beat up flat top while sipping a couple o'buds from an icy pail. That feels like the answer right now.

Crazy as it sound I put a lotta faith and comfort into my dog; Bonnie the pug. You may look at her and see a fat, one-eyed, flat faced little fucker, but that little canine was my best pal. Something right and good about the loyalty of a dog. Some of the best songs ever written by the likes of Neil Young and Fred Eaglesmith are about their dogs. That dog made me feel real good after a day slamming away at the frontiers of ignorance and the bureaucratic behemoth of education.

On March 10th at 6am ish that fuckin' dog took off, ran away and got hit by a car...dead. I cried for 4 days. Brutal. I live in a world were, so far, I've cried more for a dog than any person; except, maybe, my little baby brother.

Too many blogs on Death too. Life is just a bigger bitch when the young, the cool, and the dear ones pass on from this vail of tears.

We've all got these trials - I'm just not sure why we are on trial. Guess its time to get a new dog. Maybe start a "funner" blog too.