Monday 29 April 2013

French...a choir boy?

I was sitting in church yesterday, and French slipped in and sat down beside me.  I found this odd because he usually only attends when we are on duty for worship team.  A group had just come back from a mission trip, so there were a lot of presentations, and there seemed to be more singing than usual. It was a short service.

French stood up after the benediction and was about to slip out the back (as per usual), but an older lady turned around and grabbed French's arm.  She told him that he had "a beautiful singing voice."  She also added that "he should really join the choir."

French looked for a way out of this situation.  He has always disliked being in choirs since we were in elementary school.  When we had mandatory choir he'd cause a scene and get kicked out.  French told her that "he played guitar on the worship team, and he'd be on next week."  The lady tried to convince him to be miked up when he played guitar.  French gave a noncommittal answer and tried to get away.

This lady was tenacious.  She somehow caught up with him in the church lobby and said: "God put you behind me today as a blessing.  I don't know why he did that, but you need to figure that out; share your blessing".  French thanked her, and darted past the pastor and out the door.

Outside, as he jumped on his motorcycle, he said: "I didn't even know I was singing".

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