Tuesday 27 July 2010

The Fishing Hole

As kids: French, Pancake, Sweaty and few other lads would always be on the hunt for the perfect fishing hole. We lived on a road where there was a power dam at the far end. We'd bike down and fish all Saturday. It was a true fishing hole. We'd be pulling out pike, bass, crappies galore, and some fat catfish too. It was easy and fun...but now it is illegal to fish there; no fishing near dams!

We needed a new spot.

Bruce Fish will never go out with us. He always thinks that it is too ironic for a guy called Fish to fish. Rose Fish come out in the boat; she likes it, but clutches her (Ziploc bagged) Bible tight.

We fished all day - no hole. Barely a bite.

Pancake's dad laughed at us and said: "you need to fish where the fish are. Come on I'll show yah".

We canoed out to the shady side of a bay. He told us to cast out towards shore. We hit bass. It was excellent to fight those feisty small mouths and those big fat large mouths. French started to string up some Perch with Sweaty. We all caught the max and headed back for a big butter and garlic fish fry. Sweaty and Pancake are both pros in this field.

French looked at Pancake's dad and just shook his head.


Wednesday 21 July 2010

The Dumpbot

The road up to the cottage is twisty - as you get over the crest of one curve you can see Bruce Fish's dump. Cars all slow down to see his latest display. This week he had five empty frames set up on easels. Behind each frame he had placed various items from the dump. Each "picture" or sculpture was created from some rare items from the dump. One was a robot made out of various electronics. It was amazing.

I head over to the dump most days while I'm staying at the lake. I try to time it so that Rose is there too. She bikes up with his lunch everyday.

When I drove up I noticed that the robot was gone from the day before. I thought "damn kids". I asked Bruce Fish about his missing art. He said: " It ain't missing bub, some old lad from Toronto bought it for $1000". He had jokingly said that he couldn't let it go for less than a grand. The "old lad" had handed him a stack of bills and said "deal".

We had some lunch. Sweet Rose had brought me a sandwich.  Rose kept her distance as we drank a cold lager.  When we were done drinking, she had us sit down and read us a chapter of Proverbs.  She then biked on back home.   Bruce Fish and I go started on making another robot.

Monday 12 July 2010

Of Pots and Worship Bands

I spent last week hosting/directing  97 boys at Camp IAWAH (Proverbs 3:6). Some of these boys came with so many troubles. One boy loved that there was "so much food". Other boys kept their dukes up because that was their paradigm. Another lad, of 11 years, was so stressed that he habitually twisted and pulled his hair right out of his head. We are all broken, but it is hard to see such angst in children. God bless 'em all.

French was there too. I saw him in the very back of the kitchen hovering over the steaming pot sink. Tough work in a heat wave. He'd drink litres of water out of an old yogurt container then hammers away at the pots again. I didn't even know he'd volunteered for the week.

French would take one "break" each day. French would pick up his guitar and play in the worship band. They'd play 5-6 songs, then he'd put his soaking apron back on and head back to the pot sink.

I didn't get to talk to him too much, but it was encouraging to see his hard work and hear his rock steady guitar playing each day.

Thursday 1 July 2010

Beer Pancakes

Last night I missed Graven at Zaphods. Tragically they were shoved to the 8:45 slot, rather than the anticipated 10:15. The Dox, Gavin and Fisheye Lens revelled regardless. Billy "two fists" Henry poured many a beer to ward of the gloom. Beaus beer was as delightful as always.

On to Canada Day: I heard a rumble and some banging pots all too early this morning. My wife sent me down to see what was up. Was it the kids? Was it some inbreaker?

It was French. He had a 2-4 on the counter and he was pouring one of the pints into a big bowl of flour. Both of my kids were involved; they were covered in flour, eggs, and beer. He handed me a cold beer and said: "happy Canada day buddy - I'm making beer pancakes".

They were glorious.