Thursday 31 January 2013


French is saving for a new guitar.  He had a supped up Epiphone Les Paul; with upgraded pick-ups and tuners.  French was carrying it out to a buddy's garage for a jam, when he slipped on a patch of ice.  He tried to save it, but the neck snapped right in half.  Currently, he is playing my old Stratocaster, but he wants his own.

Saying that he wants a new one is poor wording.  He really wants the one that is pictured above: 1963 era Silvertone Amp in Case Electric Guitar.  French is struggling a bit financially, yet he is pretty positive about a recent interview.

In the meantime, he's been playing open mics to make money.  At these free shows his favourite expression is: "Nothing says request like twenty bucks."

He'll have his "new to him" old guitar soon.

Monday 7 January 2013

Rose's Bible Challenge

Rose has been pushing Bible studies on us guys for years.  She actually has a box of Bibles at the ready at her house; she buys them in bulk.  She is gifting them constantly.  This past  year she used our competitive nature to see who could read the the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in one year.  We all took on Rose's challenge.

Bruce Fish dropped out early.  He says he gets plenty enough Bible just living with Rose.  Pancake says he lost his Bible in church at Easter.  Sweaty gave it up once summer started.  By mid summer I was about 30 days behind in the reading plan.  I mentioned this to French.  I was shocked to hear that he was still on pace in mid August, so I caught up.

Once work started I fell way behind again; this time by 40 days.  I saw French sitting in his truck in late November.  He was reading his tattered Good News Bible he'd gotten when he was confirmed.  He was smoking a cigarette.  French exhaled and said:  "I'm on pace buddy. You?"  There was only a month to go, and I still had to reread the New Testament and a some of the Psalms.  I just couldn't let French beat me.

I finished just a bit late: Jan. 6th.  French beat me by a week, but Rose is so proud.

A creative way to get a coupla louts to read the Bible eh?